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Ova fertility centre Nagole is providing comprehensive egg freezing, embryo freezing, sperm freezing and conventional and advanced treatment for male infertility and female infertility, IVF treatment, IUI protocols, ICSI, endometriosis treatment, PCOS treatment, PCOD treatment, preimplantation genetic diagnosis testing and infertility counselling, laparoscopic surgeries at affordable fertility treatment cost in Hyderabad.

Age, lifestyle changes, illness, diseases, medical treatments, surgeries, stress and sexual preferences, personal circumstances, social-economical factors and medications etc. increase the risk of infertility in couples. Fertility preservation (in other words cryopreservation or vitrification) can help these couples to conceive successfully.

Make your parenthood dream true with Ova fertility centre’s fertility specialist in Nagole and best gynaecologists in Hyderabad Uppal nearby. Ova fertility centre is equipped with a world-class fertility laboratory with most advanced facilities and modern fertility cryopreservation procedures.

Ova fertility centre is the only fully-integrated, interdisciplinary clinic in Nagole for infertility couples who wish to preserve their fertility before their fertility treatment begins and for future pregnancy to make their parenthood dream true.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation is the Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) used to preserve the reproductive materials to get pregnant in later days of life.

Fertility preservation uses both slow freezing and rapid freezing techniques. Men and Women both can benefit with cryopreservation of fertility.

Fertility preservation material, such as freezing eggs, testis tissues, sperm, or embryos. Longevity of the cell is improved by preserving biologically intact living cells in liquid Nitrogen at -196°C/-321°F. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples also can build their family with advanced cryopreservation techniques and treatment from a fertility specialist.

Ova Fertility Centre, Best Clinic for Egg Freezing, Embryo Freezing and Sperm Freezing in Hyderabad

Cryopreservation is an ART techniques used to freeze the following:

  • Embryo cryopreservation
  • Ovarian tissue cryopreservation
  • Egg (Oocyte) cryopreservation
    1. (A. Mature egg cryopreservation)
      (B. Immature egg cryopreservation)
  • Testis tissues cryopreservation
  • Sperm cryopreservation

Advantages of Fertility Preservation

Age, medical reasons, personal life reasons, social-economical reasons are making everyone learn the pros and cons of fertility preservation. With the fertility preservation process, you can conceive in the future whenever you want to plan a biological child in later days. Here are benefits of fertility cryopreservation:

  • To avoid potential fertility complications
  • To postpone childbearing with medical or personal reasons
  • To increase the chances of having a biological child in later days
  • For future family building

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Fertility Preservation for Women

Best Candidates for Embryo Freezing

Here is who can opt for embryo preservation for later use, at Ova fertility centre in Nagole.

  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Who having risk of multiple pregnancies
  • Fertility preservation – social or medical reason
  • Embryo donation
  • Who having hydrosalpinx, polyps or hydrometra
  • Absence of spermatozoa on the day of oocyte treatment
  • Who having inappropriate hormonal profile
  • Couple who not ready to have children now
  • Surplus embryos after IVF/ ICSI procedures
  • Who having uterine problems causing implantation issue
  • Who having uncontrolled thyroid and blood sugar
  • Who undergoing for cancer treatment
  • Who are having genetic disorder

If you are having any one of these above issues or looking at future fertility, then you are the best candidate to choose embryo freezing.

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Embryo Freezing Procedure: Step by Step of Embryo Cryopreservation Process

  • Physical examination
  • Blood test
  • Hormonal profile
  • Egg collection
  • Sperm collection
  • Fertilisation
  • Embryo collection
  • Freezing the embryo with slow freezing or rapid freezing methods

Who should freeze their eggs for future fertility?

  • Women who wanting to delay motherhood
  • Cancer patients
  • Women who at risk for premature ovarian failure
  • Women who pursuing the academic or career or job
  • Women who want for future pregnancies
  • Couples who are undergoing IVF treatment
  • Couples who want preserve embryos for ethical reasons
  • Women who have experienced premature menopause
  • Women who recently had a major surgery
  • Women who having endocrinological problem
  • Women who want to delay their family building
  • Women who are not found your life partner yet
  • Women who want to delay second childbirth
  • Women who are with severe endometriosis
  • Women who are using medications for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus

All healthy women with less or 35 years age can choose egg freezing for future fertility chances. Learn the benefits of egg freezing and Maximise the chances of pregnancy with Ova fertility preservation services.

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Step by Step Process of Egg Freezing

  • Screening the patient health and wealthbeing conditions
  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Oocyte Retrieval
  • Oocyte Vitrification
  • Thawing of frozen eggs
  • Using for IVF-ICSI treatment

Oocyte cryopreservation popularly known as Egg freezing. These are the many reasons primarily determining who should freeze their eggs for future fertility. All women who are seeking to extend their fertility can use this fertility preservation method.

Ova fertility centre Nagole is facilitated with state-art-ART and advanced fertility laboratories and provides world-class egg freezing services for many young women. With egg freezing (Oocyte cryopreservation), all women can preserve their fertility and to get pregnant at a later age. Get motherhood with Ova fertility centre's egg freezing services in Hyderabad.

Fertility Preservation for Men

Sperm freezing is the process includes

  • Collecting of sperm samples
  • Initial screening or analysis
  • Freezing and
  • Storage at the temperature of -196⁰C.

The freezed sperm samples are used in later days for IVF fertility treatments to achieve pregnancy.

Eligible Candidate for Sperm Freezing

Here is who can opt for sperm freezing at Ova fertility centre sperm bank Nagole Uppal nearby in Hyderabad.

  • Advancing age
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medical treatment
  • Testicular surgery
  • Prostate surgery
  • Problems with ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Vasectomy
  • Male with low sperm count
  • Male with poor quality sperm
  • Who are risk of injury
  • Who works in toxic environment
  • Army men
  • Men who are in High-risk occupations
  • Men with diabetes condition
  • Transgender patients
  • Men who are in abroad and not available for IVF procedure

All healthy young men under 35 years of age can choose sperm freezing in Nagole at Ova fertility centre for future fertility chances. Learn the benefits of sperm freezing and Maximise the chances of pregnancy with Ova fertility preservation services.

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Ova fertility clinic Hyderabad is the best cryopreservation clinic in Nagole and Uppal LB Nagar nearby areas for highly standard fertility preservation services with accurate and evidence-based sperm freezing, testis tissues freezing, Embryo freezing, mature egg freezing, immature egg freezing in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Ova fertility clinic with more than 70% to 80% success rate for IVF treatment and other fertility treatment procedures used to treat the male and female infertility, reproductive healthcare, reproductive medicine, personalised fertility care, infertility counselling and evaluation.

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